Boston Piano Rental

Not ready to buy piano? Not sure whether your kids will stick with it? Try Before You Buy with a
Boston Piano Rentals.
Boston Piano Rental inventory of over 100 pianos includes upright, spinet, and console
acoustic pianos, as well as Yamaha Clavinova digital pianos.  All of our rental pianos are in
excellent working condition and are tuned to  concert pitch. A quality piano, along with a good
teacher, is key to learning to play the piano.  
Renting is an affordable way to try a piano that’s suitable for lessons before you buy.
For more information about piano rentals, please contact one of our Boston Piano Rental
associates by calling us 617-807-0306.

Event Piano Rentals
If you are having a special event and need to have a piano to make it a night (or day) to
remember. We offer high quality  grand and upright pianos for event rental. For one
reasonable fee, we deliver, tune and pick up a piano for your wedding, office party or house
party. Any event that you can think of, Boston Piano Rental will help to provide the music and
make your event more dazzling.

Short-Term Piano Rentals
Rent a piano for a few days, a few weeks, or even a few hours. Our short term rental service is
available at short notice. Our expert in-house movers and technicians will ensure a perfect
instrument for your short term rental needs.

Long-Term Piano Rentals
If you would like to rent a piano for several months or longer, we offer a wide selection of
grands and uprights to fit your needs. Rent a small upright, large upright, or even a grand.

When you rent a piano from Boston Piano Rental you rent a top quality, full 88 note
professional piano that will ensure the best results .

Piano rentals in  Boston Area, Massachusetts(MA) and New Hampshire(NH)
Boston Piano Rental